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  Talu Tekstil is a vertical jersey manufacturing company which is a member of Taha Group founded in 1994. We produce more than 4 million garments per  year for mainly European markets. . Since it’s formation, the Company has expanded steadily and built upon it’s reputation for versatility and flexibility, manufacturing a diverse range of jersey ladieswear, menswear, and kidswear products, from t-shirts, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses, jeggings to sportswear. We provide design services ranging from development through to logistics arrangements.

The Company has recently made a firm commitment to the expansion of it’s customer base backed by a substantial investment to
create a new plant in Sakarya that significantly increase the internal production capacity of the business for new customers.

Talu Tekstil’s reputation is based on quality and fast response. The foundations of the company have been built on manufacturing
multi-option products for an exacting customer, and it is these solid foundations which we believe will attract new customers to us, as we aim to provide high quality products and on time delivery, at a fair price.
Company Profile
Production Capacity
400.000-500.000 units/ month
24.000.000 € / year
Facility Area
15.444 m2 closed and 5.688 m2 open area
Customer Profile
%100 Export
Merchandising Team
11 Merchandiser
Design & Development Team
3 Designers in House & Design Office in London 15 Pattern Ladies in İstanbul Office
Technical Department
Design Room
GGT (Gerber Garment Technology) Computerized Pattern& Marker System
Pattern Room
Pattern Digitizing, Pattern Grading, Lay Planning Marker Printing
Cutting Room
Spreading: One GGT Niebuhr Spreading machine mounted on 20 meter 2 tables Cutting: GGT Cutter S7200
Fabric Quality
Fabric Controller Machine -2 pcs. Fabric Steam Engine
Sewing Department
20 Internal Production Lines Lockstitch  Machines: 251 Overlock Machines:192 Seamcover Machines:126
  Pikare 2012
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